Wilson Tax Law Group represents taxpayers in a broad range of tax issues and practices in the following courts: United States Tax Court, United States District Courts, United States Bankruptcy Courts, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, United States Court of Federal Claims, Superior Court and United States Courts of Appeals, principally the Ninth Circuit which includes California. The firm has the ability to represent in virtually all types of tax litigation.

Some sample types of cases include:

  • • Tax refund suits to determine various types of tax liabilities
  • • Innocent spouse cases
  • • The economic substantive of employee stock ownership plans and various sham transactions
  • • Wrongful levy actions; suits to enjoin tax collection
  • • Actions brought under 28 U.S.C. § 2410(a)
  • • Suits against IRS employees
  • • Affirmative suits brought by the IRS to enforce summonses
  • • Suits to set aside fraudulent conveyances
  • • Actions to reduce tax liabilities to judgment and foreclose federal tax liens
  • • Suits to enjoin return preparers and other tax professionals
  • • IRS objections to creditor claims in bankruptcy
  • • Hearings regarding confirmation of proposed Chapters 11 and 13 plans
  • • Motions to sell property free and clear of tax liens
  • • Motions to convert or dismiss Chapter 11 cases; and motions to lift the automatic stay
  • • Hobby loss section 183 cases
  • • Tax shelter and promoters cases, including Son of Boss
  • • Promoter and Return Preparer Penalty Cases
  • • 1031 exchange disputes
  • • Asset Forfeiture actions
  • • Responsible person cases
  • • Federal excise tax cases
  • • Residency disputes
  • • Payroll tax disputes
  • • Employment tax suits
  • • FBAR litigation

Click here for sample reported decisions.

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