Employment tax or payroll tax issues can arise under both federal and state tax systems. This includes self-employment taxes. Areas that can be affected include social security tax, Medicare tax, unemployment insurance tax, and state disability programs. Some of these taxes are paid by employees, some by employers, and sometimes by both. Failure to pay or turn over collected employment taxes to the IRS or other taxing authorities can have very serious financial and legal consequences to individuals and businesses. Wilson Tax Law Group has the knowledge and resources to assist you or your business in dealing with these complex tax issues. Wilson Tax Law Group represents individuals and businesses and can provide you or your business quality and affordable employment tax audit representation before the IRS and/or California Employment Development Department (EDD), and/or appeals before the State Board of Equalization (BOE), the courts, and identify and advise on any inherent problems in your business’s employment tax compliance processes and procedures. This type of representation includes worker classification issues and payroll tax matters and relief from penalties and interest.
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