With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, Wilson Tax Law Group has secured over $50 million dollars in tax savings since 2014.

This includes the following sample client outcomes:

• Successfully negotiated an offer in compromise with the IRS resulting in a tax debt reduction of approximately $1 million.

• Successfully negotiated an agreement with the IRS concerning a voluntary offshore disclosure, reducing client’s tax liability by over $418,000.00 and no criminal charges.

• Our firm was successful by reaching a settlement with the Franchise Tax Board saving taxpayer $3.5 million.

• Negotiated a settlement with the IRS reducing tax liability by over $1 million.

• Obtained IRS approval for offer in compromise allowing taxpayer to pay 10% of total amount owed saving client of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• Convinced County of Los Angeles Assessment Appeals Board to substantially lower the tax base of multiple commercial properties saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• Firm successfully eliminated $65,000.00 in late file penalties by proving the tax return was filed timely.

• Convinced federal court to sentence client to NO jail time and successfully convinced the IRS to no additional tax liabilities and no restitution.

• Convinced IRS to eliminate multimillion-dollar proposed transitory assessment against client.

• Handled an eggshell settlement with the IRS which resulted in taxpayer saving over $12 million in back taxes and avoidance of criminal charges and fraud penalties.

• Represented client before the US Tax Court resulting in the elimination of $295,000.00 in proposed taxes and a tax refund of over $23,000.00.

• Firm successfully represented client for unfiled 941’s before the IRS which resulted in significant tax savings.

• IRS accepted the offer in compromise resulting in saving the taxpayer $1.2 million in taxes and penalties.

• Successfully handled voluntary offshore disclosures before the IRS and FTB resulting in no fraud penalties or criminal charges.

• Convinced IRS to accept offer in compromise resulting in taxpayer saving $1.9 million in taxes, penalties and interest.

• Successfully handled a property tax appeal before the Orange County Assessment Appeals Board resulting in a favorable board decision that reduced the property base value by approximately $2 million.

• Successfully convinced the IRS Office of Appeals to reverse a disallowed refund claim resulting in a significant refund of taxes plus interest.

• Our tax lawyers prevailed in the case against the IRS, resulting in a reduction of the assessment from several million dollars to zero.

• Successfully convinced the IRS to reduce a $700K tax liability down to $19K saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• Prevailed in several hobby loss cases involving different kinds of horse activities saving clients hundreds of thousands in taxes.

• Successfully beat the IRS in federal district court in two lawsuits filed by our firm to quash IRS summonses that the IRS had issued to two cryptocurrency exchanges during the audit of the client’s return.

• Convinced the IRS to concedes 100% of a million dollar proposed assessment on the eve before trial in US Tax Court.

**The above highlighted cases are not suggestive of future results. The outcome of each case is determined by its unique facts and circumstances. Wilson Tax Law Group, APLC and its attorneys, make no representation or promises regarding the results of any client’s case.

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