Wilson Tax Law Group represents individuals, business owners, corporations and tax preparers who are targets or subjects of criminal tax and other types of financial investigations by the IRS and by the United States Department of Justice, including the Tax Division and local United States Attorney’s Offices.

Representation can include dealing with covert investigations, searches, surveillance, stings, grand jury subpoenas, and other investigatory tools that the IRS uses to investigate alleged criminal tax cases. Wilson Tax Law Group represents clients in administrative and grand jury investigations and trials in United States District Courts, as well as in IRS civil audits which have the potential to be referred to the Criminal Investigation Division. This can include asset seizure and forfeiture proceedings.

A significant part of the criminal tax practice involves negotiating with the United States Department of Justice, regarding whether criminal charges will be pursued, which charges will be pursued and, if appropriate for the client, negotiating the best possible plea agreement. Wilson Tax Law Group also represents clients in appeals from criminal cases.

In addition, Wilson Tax Law Group represents clients prior to investigation or prosecution in assessing whether to make a voluntary disclosure to mitigate or eliminate the possibility of criminal investigation or prosecution. Through those initiatives, our clients have mitigated or eliminated their criminal prosecution risk and, where appropriate, reduced their financial penalty exposures for income tax penalties and FBAR penalties.

Wilson Tax Law also handles federal bribery investigations and trial defense for charges under Title 18 USC Section 201(b)(1).

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