What foreign banks have been blacklisted by the IRS?

 How Much Time Do I Have to Ask the IRS For My Refund?

Why Hire a Tax Attorney?

 Where and When Can I Sue the IRS For My Tax Refund or to Appeal an Audit?

 What is Innocent Spouse Relief From Federal Taxes?

Where do I send my Power of Attorney (“POA”)?


 How Long Should I Keep My Tax Returns?

 How Far Back Can the IRS Audit/What Is the IRS Statute of Limitations in Audits?

 How Long Does the IRS Have to Collect?

 What are Return Preparer Penalties?

 What Should I Do When I Receive an IRS Summons Form 2039?

 What Is A Federal Tax Prosecutor?

 How Much Power Does a Federal Prosecutor Have?

How Can I Get a Lien For Someone Else’s Taxes Removed From My Property in Escrow?

What Is Employment Tax Pyramiding?

Where Can I File a Quiet Title Action to Challenge a Tax Lien On My Real Property?

What Are Tax Deductible Business Expenses?

When Are Tax Preparation and Tax Attorney Fees Deductible?

What Is A Nominee/Alter Ego Tax Lien?

What Is The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

What Is An Offer-In-Compromise?

What Should I Do If Someone Stole My Identity and Filed a False Tax Return?

What Is An IRS Identity Protection PIN?

Why Does The IRS Deny Real Estate Losses as Passive/What Is a Real Estate Professional Under the Tax Code?

What is the List of Countries with Shared Banking Agreements with the US?

IRS National Office of Chief Counsel Subject Matter Directory

What happens with an IRS Examination Appeals Hearing?  Working with the IRS Office of Appeals.

What is the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)?

What is a TRaCE investigation?

What is an IRS Summons?

How Are Criminal Tax Investigations Initiated?

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