Because firm founder Joseph Wilson is a former tax attorney for the State of California and worked exclusively in state and local taxation issues as an attorney in Deloitte, our firm has the experience you need in property tax disputes - whether it involves personal property tax or real property tax. Mr. Wilson's experience includes assisting with the codification of California Assembly Bill 964 into Revenue & Taxation Code §§ 401.17, 441 and 1153.5, which involved the tax assessment and audit methodology for certified aircraft.

Disputes before the Orange County Assessor's office and the State of California BOE can be costly if not handled correctly, especially when one considers the implications on future tax liabilities. Our firm can help you with audits and appeals to the assessment appeals board, valuations based on comparable sales, checking for errors in assessments, disputing the determination of real property/home value, disputing change of ownership assessments, utilizing exemptions and credits.
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